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A Call to Let Go

It was over ten years ago that I set out with my first living experiment. I wanted to know why change felt so hard. I knew I wanted more freedom to meet life on its own terms. But, I could feel the detrimental pull of habit and how it robbed me of joy. I was stuck in predictable patterns—and my … [Learn More...]

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Failure Doesn’t Exist

If you asked me about failure ten years ago, I’d say it was a necessary evil to achieve success. Success leads to happiness, or vice versa, depending on who you ask. Now, I realize there is no such thing as failure…or success, for that matter. Let me explain. We have all experienced the cycle … [Learn More...]

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“Susan is an amazing practitioner, guide, coach and connector. Her work is powerful and gets to the core of the set of beliefs that are blocking you from reaching your full potential."  ~Nancy