An Invitation to Change our Past

I think most people would say that you can’t change the past. Well, what if I not only told you that this antiquated idea is false, but I could provide you with an experience so that you could form your own opinion?

The spark of inspiration for this unusual post came when I received a note from a client. She had lived with a traumatic school experience that had plagued her for over forty years, leaving her with shame and self-judgment. In her note, she thanked me for our recent session and remarked about the astonishing sense of freedom she was experiencing since releasing the negative emotion from that particular memory.

As I read that note, I felt a deep sense of gratitude. And yet, I quickly wondered, “Should I share her experience in my next blog? Is this the best way to convey the benefits and possibility of changing our perspective of the past?”

The surprising answer that popped into my head was, “No. Don’t tell them someone else’s story. Instead, give them their own experience!”

Are you feeling doubtful or wary that changing your past is even possible? I did, as well, when I only read about other people’s experiences. In fact, I fondly remember a time about eight years ago when I shared my own disbelief with a colleague. Instead of my colleague nodding and obligingly agreeing with me, she asked me if I’d ever experimented with any of the healing techniques that promised emotional freedom. When I told her I hadn’t, she recommended that I might experience one of them before being so quick to judge. Ouch!

Needless to say, I entered a healing practitioner’s office a few days later feeling very angry at my boss for what I’ll call a “compensation injustice.” I was clear that this lingering negative emotion was getting in the way of my relationship with my manager and with my work, as well. And though I had been attempting to reframe and rationalize my emotions, I just hadn’t been able to let go of my anger and frustration. I thought this was the perfect experience to play with to prove that changing our past just can’t be that simple.

To my great surprise, in less than fifteen minutes of this transformative work, those emotions–which had been my constant companion for weeks on end–were gone. In the days that followed that appointment, I felt a sense of renewed commitment about my job. I was no longer resentful, and was able to show up and do my best work. I was so shocked by the shift that I even shared the experience with my manager.

Now I understand that we cannot only change our past memories, but when we do…we change our future as well. And I would like to share that possibility with you!

For this reason, this blog contains a link to an audio file for you to experience what I experienced first-hand. If you choose to take my invitation, I will be guiding you through a beautiful visualization that will allow you to release negative emotions from an old memory. I want to be clear that taking this invitation is not about changing your entire life with one simple release, but about providing you with an experience of what’s really possible in a step-by-step healing journey.

If you find yourself intrigued and interested, you’ll want to read the quick disclaimer before you get started. From there, find a quiet space and click on the audio file when you are ready to start your own healing process. You need only follow the simple instructions and guidance.

And, I would love to hear how it goes…from one skeptic to another.


  1. Hi Susan, I found your website via NW Women’s show info. I am interested in hearing the audio mentioned above, when I play it it is only about a minute long and ends.

    • Susan Crampton Davis says:


      Thanks for reaching out. I checked it out and there did appear to be an interruption. Why don’t you give it a try again? Also, I hope to see you at the workshop!


    • I’m having the same issue as Susan…

      • Susan Crampton Davis says:

        Sofia — you should be able to easily access the audio file. The video has been removed since folks have been able to use the guided visualization easily without the further instruction. Enjoy!

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