Client Testimonials

We are extremely humbled by the feedback we’ve received from our clients over the years.  In fact, almost all of our new clients are referred by individuals who’ve experienced results and impact in our work together.  It is the generosity of their words and referals that enables us to serve others.

If you are searching for a way to stop old ways of thinking and free yourself to move forward, then work with Susan! She combines education, theory, compassion, vision and a delightful sense of humor in a safe and professional environment. Her break-through session provides the means for you to recognize your ability to live life fully. ~Carolyn

This work brings forth a layer of consciousness rarely experienced in traditional psychotherapy. The structure of a “breakthrough session” takes an extraordinary amount of attention, focus, creativity & courage. Not for the faint of heart. But, Susan’s work starts with the assumption that change is not only possible, it is expected and cherished. ~Ed

Susan has created and presented workshops for our company for the past two years. She promotes self-empowerment and makes change seem easier than ever before. Employees always come out the workshops energized and inspired. She has also done professional coaching with members of our executive team and high potential employees and we have very good success in that area as well. I can recommend Susan with a high level of confidence. ~Vicki

Susan’s insightful guidance and process in our session helped me to restructure and move through unconscious blocks I had formed early on in life and reset my beliefs according to who I am now. The process was effortless and effective. I continue to use the process Susan introduced me to on a continuous basis whenever I feel stuck. I highly recommend her work. ~Patti

Susan’s approach is unique and very effective. It’s not about long drawn out therapies, but getting to the core of what is making you “stuck” quickly. ~Chris

I have achieved amazing results through my work with Susan, and very quickly. Her expert knowledge and out of the box approaches to helping me find creative solutions work every time. I am fortunate to have crossed paths with Susan because I know that although I would have found a way on my own, my business and personal breakthroughs have taken flight faster and easier with her help. ~Kasia

My work with Susan gave me instant insight into some of my biggest stuck places. The timeline therapy to revisit emotional “snags” completely squashed the emotional traps hooked to some past life incidents. The old beliefs we recorded at the beginning of our sessions together not only became quite questionable by the end of a breakthrough session, but I found myself confused about how I ever thought them true in the first place! ~Kathryn

My breakthrough session was rare, dedicated time I gave myself to “feel” life-impacting past experiences and let go of their influence on the present. The wonder of the session was not knowing or consciously planning which experiences to feel and being totally surprised by which ones had the most impact when I let go of them. I felt lighter when I left the session and find myself now in a more centered place to observe and continue the progress deep within myself.  ~Anita

I would, and have, described my work with Susan as a challenging inward process that helped to uncover the root causes that limit thinking, understanding, and ability to reach highest potential. I think everyone would benefit from this work, seriously. ~Sharon

Susan is an amazing practitioner, guide, coach and connector. Her work is powerful, gets to the core set of beliefs that are blocking you from reaching your potential. Her gracious, authentic and compassionate approach assures you that you are in capable hands and with someone who has discovered and is sharing her special gifts. Well worth the investment if you want to do the work you were meant to do and live the life you were meant to live! ~Nancy

When Susan first described the breakthrough session to me I was skeptical that so much could be achieved in one day. Working with Susan during the session I was amazed at the ease in which strong beliefs were released.  Through care, patience and empathy Susan helped me free myself from debilitating thoughts and feelings. Following my breakthrough session with Susan I felt not only free from my self-defeating beliefs but confident that I could now pursue goals that I had previously thought unattainable. ~Caitlin

“Life changer” is basically what Susan’ does for her clients. I’ve worked with many coaches and read a lot of books but Susan has a unique gift for helping her clients break through the barriers that are holding them back and helping them to realize the amazing power of their potential. She does this with a variety of tailored approaches that are effective and much quicker than traditional talk therapies – no couch required. I have been truly amazed at how my own outlook and life has improved with her help and would recommend Susan to anyone who is on the quest to better understand why they’re here and how to make the most of it. ~Laura