Welcome to the Awakening Works Community. If you’ve landed on this page, maybe it is because you are looking for some resources to aid you on your journey of healing and spiritual awakening. That’s perfect, because this is a good place to start.

Making the decision to embark on a spiritual journey isn’t always an easy one; sometimes it doesn’t feel like a choice, at all. And, as you probably already know, once you find yourself in the crystalis stage of transformation—you can’t turn back. So, this community page was created to provide you with access to some quick links to resources that might aid you on your journey.

First, you can find some of our favorite books on healing and spirituality on the Books and Resource Page. The books change all the time, based on what’s hot from our perspective.

Also, we also host a weekly no-cost spiritual meeting or a monthly low-cost support group if you are interested in hanging out with other like-minded folks who are also in the process of awakening.

If you are skeptical or wondering what it really means to be on a spiritual journey that involves healing, you might want to check out a few of our recent blog posts. I often write about my own real-life experiences. And, occasionally some of our clients even give us permission to tell their stories of awakening. Please, read a bit and leave a comment. 


On that note, you can also join our on-going conversation on change and transformation by following us on Twitter or joining our Facebook community.  Our goal is to learn from the collective wisdom of the community, so please share a thought or ask a question that might spur an interesting conversation.

And finally, after reading about our services—maybe you’ve decided there isn’t a fit. That’s okay, you can check out  a list of practitioners we really admire.

Again, thank you for visiting our community. We hope you’ll come back often.

Susan Crampton Davis
Founder, Awakening Works