At Awakening Works, we recognize that individuals may wish to access our resources or services in a variety of ways. On our events page, we will announce our online events, such as webinars, informational events or conferences. We may also highlight events or workshops from other healing professionals whom we admire.

A Course in Miracles Discussion Group
Currently, Awakening Works holds a weekly Course in Miracles discussion group in our Queen Anne Office.

In this one-hour informational meeting, you will experience an open question and answer forum on the subject of love and fear facilitated by Brooke Banwer and hosted by Awakening Works, LLC.

This meeting is held from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm each Friday. Additional information and registration can be found on the Puget Sound Meetup website. Using this tool allows you to register and receive notice updates on cancellations or location changes.