When Energy is Blocked

For many individuals—like it might for you, I suspect—there are emotional wounds and unfinished business residing in the human energy system. These experiences appear as blocked or stagnant energy and symbolize those times when you did not have the emotional or cognitive maturity to integrate a fear-based experience, which is fairly commonplace, especially in childhood.

As you matured, however, these experiences accumulated and created those fear-based patterns of judgment, negative emotions, false beliefs and behaviors of the ego that do not serve you today. They erroneously lead you to believe you have to be a certain way in order to be safe, worthy or loved. And, you’ve forgotten the magnificence of who you really are when you operate only from a place of love.

Girl in Jail_BWAs a result, you might suffer from a few of these symptoms:

  • You feel stuck or life feels hard.
  • Emotional hijacks weigh you down.
  • You lack clarity and purpose.
  • Your health suffers.
  • Habits seem to have a life of their own.
  • Your creativity and imagination is stifled.
  • You can’t remember your connection to spirit or God-consciousness.

And yet, you can let go of the past and change the potential of the future.

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