Other Practitioners

We are committed to highlighting other healing arts practitioners, coaches or therapists we admire.  All of them, in some way, specialize in change, potential and transformation.

Jeanette Dames
Jeanette Dames is an Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, a Licensed Teacher for Louise Hay’s Love Yourself Heal Your Life Program. Jeanette is a lifelong intuitive and thirty-year whitewater river veteran and guide who is now realizing her dream of living in the mountains of Idaho, leading workshops, hosting river retreats where amazing transformations unfold, and working with individuals through spiritual life coaching and private readings. Jeanette is now living her life goal and is here to help you learn how to allow your angels to step in and assist you in every aspect of your life.
www.meetup.com/angelcircleus or p: 208-634-5802

Patti Dobrowolski
Patti Dobrowolski, CEO of Up your Creative Genius, is a key note speaker, strategic illustrator and author of Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life. She helps individuals and Fortune 100 companies around the world create success by marrying their vision with a visual. Patti dares you to draw your desired reality and make changing your life easier than you can imagine.

Ai Endo
Ai Endo is a licensed psychotherapist, kundalini yoga teacher and energy healer with a private healing practice in Seattle. Her intuitive, yogic  approach connects with and uplifts the innate wisdom of every client who comes to see her. She is grounded, spiritually adept, in touch with her beginners mind, and loves nothing more than to help people integrate their spiritual journey with practical life.

Brittany Faulkner
Brittany Faulkner helps mid-career professionals and creative entrepreneurs accomplish their goals. Her skills and experience stretch between the world of mind-body-spirit integration and strategic planning. Her strength is in her intuitive ability to help people see new possibilities, clarify their vision for the future, and move from intention to implementation.  As a coach and visual artist, she utilizes techniques that activate the whole brain, to stimulate imagination, develop confidence, and deal with practical obstacles such as action planning, time management and resistance to change.

ISHIL offers a unique method of “Life Coaching” inspired and guided by Spirit and the High Self’s wisdom to help create a purposeful life aligned with one’s destiny. Ishil’s method came to life as a combination of powerful practices and skills derived from training in Shamanic healing, Master Reiki path, Matrix Energetics, Spiritual Response and CORRE Therapy. This wonderful path created the unique, empowering and transformational “Soul Purpose Alignment”, which allows one to experience what is possible when we connect to the CREATOR within.

Mary Lee LaBay, PhD
Author of five books on hypnotherapy and instructor of hypnotherapy at Bastyr University, she has served as President and Secretary of two Chapters of the National Guild of Hypnotists and Senior Advisor for the Washington Hypnosis Association. With an extensive background in astrology, past life regression and spiritual studies, she brings a holistic approach to mind, body, and spiritual wellness. Her private practice is in Bellevue, WA.

Carolyn Mathews, PsyD
As a positive psychology coach, Carolyn collaborates with clients interested in emphasizing the use of their personal strengths to successfully navigate transitions in the workplace and beyond. Carolyn specializes in working with accomplished executives and seasoned leaders who have placed the transition to retirement on their radar screen and are ready to create their “Signature Legacy.” Recognizing the power in each moment can lead to a favorable transition to the next.

Nancy McCaughey
Nancy McCaughey is a certified coach for seasoned professionals, offering a customized and transformational coaching process when it’s time to renew, realign, or reinvent your career.  She understands what it means to authentically reinvent your career in midlife, and is an experienced, empowering and encouraging guide for clients who are ready to reevaluate, want to rediscover meaning, purpose and satisfaction in their work, and intentionally create what’s next.

Karin Morgan
Karin Morgan combines energy healing with clairvoyant work to help her clients bring their energetic self into balance. Working with the body and spirit holistically, Karin believes that the physical body and spirit can find that balance – which then allows the well-being we deserve to flow freely into our experience. Karin feels strongly that her gifts have been given to help heal others and finds great joy in working with her clients.

Ed Mosshart
Ed Mosshart is a psychotherapist and educator who works in private practice and adjunct faculty at Antioch University in Seattle. He has over 20 years of experience as a therapist working in both mental health and substance abuse fields. In addition, he brings his years of experience as a rock climber and endurance athlete to the work, and a willingness to work in a disciplined way with material that may seem hard and dark. Yet somehow he leaves people laughing and inspired.
p: 206-973-6720

Laura Nalbandian
A professional astrologer for 25 years, Laura’s focus is to understand the soul’s path through the birth chart.  Why are we here? Where have we come from and what are our challenges in this lifetime?  These are the questions that Laura is passionate about.  Her approach is grounded, direct and compassionate and her advice and coaching comes from a broad background in philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and spirituality. 

Sally Pechstein, MPH, RD
Sally’s primary passion is transformation via energy medicine. Her relaxing, insightful and often profound table work helps clients to release stagnation and blockages on the energetic level, offering a powerful tailwind for change and moving forward.  With a background in nutrition counseling, Sally also helps clients transform their relationship to food and body image, ultimately finding wholeness on a myriad of levels.

David Pond
David Pond is an astrologer, author, speaker and workshop leader.  He has published a number of books on metaphysical topics, including Astrology and Relationships, Chakras for Beginners, and Western Seeker, Eastern Paths. David has a Master of Science degree in “Experimental Metaphysics” and has been practicing astrology for over 35 years. David consults with clients regularly helping them work with their astrology to find a meaningful and fulfilling life and strategize through times of transition.

Kasia Rachfall MNLP, CPC
Kasia Rachfall is an effervescent speaker, author of Keys For Moms: Enough is Enough! and parenting expert whose grand golden mission is to empower children through releasing their parents from preconceived values, guilt, past hurts, and judgment.  Starting at the source, she assists parents to bring conscious responsibility to the future. With tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Time Empowerment®, Kasia holds your heart while you move forward and take control of your life.

Josie RavenWing, MA, MFCC
Josie RavenWing, MA, MFCC, has made the study of multi-cultural healing systems and spiritual paths her life’s work. An internationally known workshop presenter and author The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus. Josie began working 40 years ago as a pioneer in dance therapy and later as a psychotherapist with an eclectic and holistic approach, which made her the perfect candidate to co-create the first Masters level degree program in holistic healing at Antioch University. In addition to her academic background, Josie is a strong channel of healing energy, and has studied energy healing (including Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and is certified as a Matrix Energetics practitioner) as well as shamanic and other spiritual paths.

Again, this is not intended as an endorsement of their services, but a bridge to other practitioners who are also doing important work. Please contact them directly to inquire about their practice or to schedule an appointment.