Our Founder

Susan Crampton Davis is the founder and CEO of Awakening Works, LLC. Prior to starting Awakening Works in 2008, Susan spent over 25 years working in the field of Human Resources, most recently at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Throughout Susan’s corporate career, she watched as her constituents struggled to embrace personal change—even while opportunities for greater happiness and success waited in the balance. When Susan finally admitted she suffered from many of the same symptoms, she decided to leave the corporate world in hopes of finding the real answers to sustainable change. The answers to that important question would not only change her vocation, but also her life.

Today, Susan is a coach and energy practitioner who uses various healing modalities that make change and transformation easier through an embodied sense of awakened awareness. No one is more surprised than Susan by her choice to become a healing professional after spending her entire career in the left-brained corporate world.  Today, however, she understands that the only thing getting in the way of navigating change with ease and grace is our inability to remember who we really are: the unlimited, unchanging, magnificent energy of spirit, uniquely expressing Itself through life. Susan believes too many have become a servant to the false musings of the mind, while the gifts, purpose and possibilities of life slumber in the heart — waiting to be awakened.


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