Our Philosophy

In the beautiful moments before our birth, we know we are fully connected to spirit. This knowing tells us what is really true: we are already perfect, magnificent, powerful, worthy—we are enough and whole. This knowing isn’t an intellectual understanding, but instead, a truth—born from love—that viscerally lives in our soul.

And yet, as the soul lovingly prepares for the journey ahead, the developing brain and body of an innocent child has a different priority: self-preservation and survival.

In fact, from the moment of birth, navigating this brave new world will be the key priority for the child. The world is a very literal place during this time because she is without the benefit of language, rational thought or context, due to some inherent design flaws of the brain. As a result, the mind is incredibly open and suggestible—as if in a hypnotic state—and every thought, word, experience and decision, both hers and those she witnesses, are registered through her unfettered senses and a heightened sense of fear.

And, in the name of survival, the primal mechanisms of the child will capture all those emotion-laden memories in a collage of images or pictures. Each picture lives in the unconscious psyche, in the human energy system and tells an energetic story about what to avoid in the future—all in the name of safety.

For the growing girl’s collection of stories, a diligent keeper is assigned—the ego. The ego is straightforward in its mission: keep the pictorial expressions of a misinterpreted and scary past as a way to keep her protected through fear. All the while, the truth of her perfection that still lives in her soul attempts to beckon her back to love. But the battle will be hard fought because, by the time this little girl reaches the tender age of 6, the ego has decided who she needs to be in order to be safe, worthy or loved in this world.

And the child, once unbridled with love and possibility, is now imprisoned by the ego and those unconscious fear-based beliefs meant to keep her small and safe: I’m not smart enough, I can’t trust authority, I’m alone, I need to be perfect, I’m flawed, I’m not safe, I’m bad, I’m not capable, I’m not worthy, lovable, enough…and so on.

But most insidious, the ego and the subtle energy bodies will use these false beliefs to make erroneous associations and perceptions to present-day circumstances; these associations will tell her what feelings to experience and how to respond based on the past. As a result, living “in the now” will become increasingly difficult—maybe even impossible—because she’s forgotten how to hear the whispers of her own soul.

By adulthood, this young woman has the potential to fall into an all-too-common trap. Unconsciously, she wants to feel the comforting sense of peace that comes when she is connected to her full potential and spirit, so she starts the cycle of looking to external circumstances to replace those distant, yet familiar feelings. However, regardless of her valiant attempts, those false beliefs keep her stuck in old patterns and recurring themes of disappointment spurred by self-preservation, while the soul’s real answers to happiness and peace go unheeded.

We all have the potential to untether ourselves from the perceptions of the past. The answer is simple: healing, which gives way to awakened awareness. When we heal, we awaken to the wonder and splendor of who we really are: perfect, whole, enough.

Love consciousness, manifested in form.

We remember our connection to spirit.

And there, we find peace.

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