Our Practice

Awakening Works is an energy healing and coaching practice in Seattle that helps individuals reconnect and awaken to their full potential by calling their spirit back.

Girl in Scarf_COLOR We offer energy readings, energetic clearing and spiritual coaching, all of which clears, rebalances and harmonizes the human energy system so you can access your true, unbridled, magnificent nature.

We also specialize in something we call energetic surgery which allows a client to decide how much of their past they want to release in one session. We consider this energetic healing a restorative and self-healing process; a choice to remember your wholeness and magnificence by letting go of the past.

When you remember who you really are, change and transformation unfolds easier. You embody a sense of lightness in your body. You are more grounded and focused. Old patterns and false beliefs fall away. The body reignites its ability to self-heal. Your perception of life’s circumstances—both past and present—shifts. Being unapologetically authentic comes more naturally.

You are more intuitive. Creative. Loving. Trusting.

You are more you.

And the more you remember, the better life becomes.

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