At Awakening Works, we use innovative methods to accelerate spiritual transformation through an awakened awareness of who you really are: a divine, magnificent spiritual being of energy and light having an embodied human experience.

Energetic Reading and Healing
We specialize in intuitive energy readings, energetic healing and short-term spiritual coaching. Whether you want to feel a new level of confidence, become a better leader or achieve abundance in a whole new way—we help you identify and remove what’s standing in the way of your desires.

Learning Forums
We offer in-person or on-line learning forums designed for those interested in spiritual transformation through practical hands-on application of self-discovery, truth telling, healing and conscious choice.  We have introductory learning sessions for the curious and multi-day learning forums for those already on the path of transformation.

Support Meetings
We offer recurring events for those wanting the support and encouragement of others on their journey of spiritual awakening. The foundation for all events is based on the non-dualism teaching of The Course in Miracles and The Way of Mastery, which we believe, are two important spiritual texts that help us remember how to heal and listen to the higher self, so we can co-create our life from a place of love.

Speaking Engagements
Susan Crampton Davis, our founder, speaks regularly on the topic of transformation, potential and spiritual awakening. Please send your inquiries through our contact page if you are interested booking Susan for an upcoming event.

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