At Awakening Works, we use innovative methods that accelerate your ability to navigate change and personal transformation through awakened awareness. We specialize in working with people who have these symptoms — do any of them sound like you?

  • Feeling “stuck.”
  • Inability to take focused, consistent action toward goals.
  • Feeling weighed down by negative emotions or emotional hijacks.
  • Experiencing repeated disappointments in a certain area of life.
  • Feeling that happiness and a sense of purpose are elusive concepts.
  • Limited by beliefs that cause disempowering or self-sabotaging behavior.

We work with clients using three different formats: energy healing, coaching or breakthrough sessions.

Energetic session: In an energy session, a client comes with the intent of letting go of old beliefs and behaviors by clearing and balancing the energetic body. We call these sessions “energetic surgery.” They are offered in 60, 90 or 120-minute format which are billed at $180 per hour. These sessions are conducted on-site or through distant healing.

Coaching sessions: In a coaching session, a client intends to work on a strategy for happiness and success in a particular area of their life. We work with clients for a minimum of six months in a recurring-meeting format. Client meetings are 90 minutes in length, and work includes intention setting, self-discovery and/or energy healing interventions. In addition, support is offered via email or phone between meetings. Coaching sessions are billed at $400 for one meeting per month or $650 for two meetings.

Breakthrough session: In a breakthrough session, a client brings all the themes of disappointment or problems they experience in one area of their life. In a one-time, full-day session format, we paint a logical understanding of how a client’s present predicaments tie to their false beliefs. Then, we use various healing interventions to remove the energetic shackles of old patterns, beliefs, wounds or memories that unconsciously undermine their conscious desires.

This is called a breakthrough session because clients “break through” what has been holding them back, and they walk away feeling lighter, calmer and focused on a new future. Most important, these beliefs now feel true in a particular area in their life:

  • I do my best and my best is good enough.
  • I feel I am loved, and can give and receive equally.
  • I feel like a valuable and worthy person.
  • I feel I belong and embrace my authentic self.
  • I am intelligent and competent.
  • I trust myself and I trust others.
  • I can accomplish anything I choose.
  • I am respected and loved by others.
  • I am worthy of having my own opinions and desires.

The breakthrough session format includes a pre-meeting to determine the scope of work and a post-meeting to discuss progress and how to support the work beyond the breakthrough. Breakthrough sessions are billed at $4,000 for the three sessions.

Sliding scale work is available for those without the financial means to purchase our hourly healing services. (This offer does not include coaching or breakthrough sessions.) Please inquire about this option before scheduling, however, as these services are currently limited to one day per week and are first-come, first-serve.

Since we are not licensed therapists or counselors, we do not accept medical insurance. If you are interested in seeing a therapist who accepts insurance, please see our resource section and contact the practitioners directly to inquire about their payment options.