At Awakening Works, we use innovative methods that accelerate your ability to navigate spiritual transformation through an awakened awareness of who you really are: a divine, magnificent spiritual being of energy and light having an embodied human experience.

In order to aid our client’s in this awakening process, we offer four types of engagements:

  • Energy reading
  • Energetic clearing
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Breakthrough energetic clearing

All of these services are provided either in-person in our Seattle office or through distant sessions via Skype or phone. Regardless of format, each engagement brings you closer to your true, unbridled, magnificent nature. You can learn a bit more by reading the more detailed descriptions below.

Chakra DiagramEnergy Reading: In an energy reading, a client comes with the intent to understand and clear the energy creating their current life circumstances. Depending on the client, we might use the tarot and/or dousing charts combined with an intuitive reading to decipher what past life experiences still live in their human energy system. Together, we use awareness and intention to clear the energy. Energy readings are offered in 30 or 60-minute sessions. They are billed at an hourly sliding scale of $180/$150/$120 per hour, depending on personal circumstances.

Energetic Session: In an energy session, a client comes with the intent of clearing and balancing the human energy system through a silent, sacred energy clearing session. Each session is different and determined by the healing intention of the client. Clients are encouraged to bring their own self-awareness into the session; asking themselves what false belief(s), unresolved emotion(s), old pattern(s) or past experience(s) are contributing to their current circumstances. Together, we use awareness, intention and ancient energy healing practices to clear that energy. Energy sessions are offered in a 60-minute format, unless they are combined with an energy reading, which is recommended. They are billed at an hourly sliding scale of $180/$150/$120 per hour, depending on personal circumstances.

Hourly services can be booked on-line below, with the exception of weekend and evening sessions. If non-daytime hours work best, please schedule a quick consultation below for scheduling purposes.

Or, if you are not sure what direction to take—you can also schedule a quick phone consolation at no charge. That’s always a great way to get started!

Coaching Engagement: In a coaching engagement, a client comes with the intent of being guided and supported as they move through their own unique spiritual journey. Meetings are recurring, monthly sessions held over a six month period, at a minimum. Client meetings are offered in a 90-minute format, and the on-going agenda includes intention setting, self-discovery, truth telling and/or energy interventions leading to a greater sense of awakened awareness. Coaching clients get priority scheduling, support via email or phone between meetings and the continuity of on-going support during their engagement. These services are billed monthly at $400 for one meeting or $650 for two meetings.

Ending Video - COLORBreakthrough Energetic Session: In a breakthrough session—which we call energetic surgery—a client comes with the intention of understanding and clearing the energy contributing to the themes of disappointment plaguing one area of their life. In a structured three meeting format, we do an energy reading (90 minutes), conduct a comprehensive energy clearing (three hours) and finish-up with coaching session (90 minutes) as a way of supporting the client on their journey of spiritual awakening. Comprehensive breakthrough sessions are billed at a one-time payment of $1,000.

If you have questions about our services or want to schedule a coaching or a breakthrough engagement, please reach us through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.