Unlocking Spiritual Truth

Workshop Announcement:

Unlocking Spiritual Truth

Seating Limited to Eight — Register Now!
Sunday, February 9th
10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Whether or not you already consider yourself spiritual, this workshop will confirm—with almost 100% certainty—that you have spiritual potential that lies dormant and untapped. We all do, which is why so many people struggle with change and transformation; leaving us stuck in old unproductive habits, living with constant stress, and struggling to take focused action.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? If so, you’ll want to attend this workshop being held in lower Queen Anne. The cost is just $40. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn how everything you experience and create in your lifewhether in the area of career, relationships, business, spirituality or healthis driven by what you believe. Either you believe in the spiritual truth of your existenceyou are infinite, whole, perfect, innocent, unlimitedor you fall prey to the false beliefs created by the ego.

Together, we will paint a logical picture of how the ego creates false beliefs, and use the mystery of spiritual healing to release the illusion of what is not true.

Here’s what we’ll explore together:

  • Basic brain science explains why so many of our most significant memories were installed through the lens of fear and self-preservation in our earliest years of life.
  • The unconscious mind has an organizing principle that uses these memories to create false beliefs that keep us stuck in familiar patterns of unproductive thought, feeling and behavior based on the past.
  • The mind-body connection uses our false beliefs to dictate how we perceive, respond and navigate life’s circumstances, cutting us off from the state of presencewhere material laws are surrendered for spiritual truths.
  • The Energetic body is deprived by these memories, which cuts us from speaking our truth, living with spiritual sight and unlocking our destiny and purpose.   

And yet, in this interactive and hands-on event, each participant will learn how to identify those core false beliefs that stand in the way of knowing who you really are and why you are here. You will leave feeling lighter, more excited about the future, and with the tools and resources to fuel transformation for years to come. In fact, come with an open mind and you’ll experience miracles!

Workshop Leader:

Susan Crampton Davis is the founder and CEO of Awakening Works, LLC. (www.awakeningworks.com) Prior to starting Awakening Works in 2008, Susan spent over 25 years working in the field of Human Resources, most recently at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Throughout Susan’s corporate career, she watched as her constituents struggled to embrace personal change—even while opportunities for greater happiness and success waited in the balance. When Susan finally admitted she suffered from many of the same symptoms, she decided to leave the corporate world in hopes of finding the real answers to lasting change. The answers to that important question would not only change her vocation, but also her life.

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