Vision and Mission

Today’s complex, volatile and fast-paced world places extraordinary stress on people. Traditional psychology has been slow to adopt interventions and knowledge that can help people to cope with our ever-changing world. That’s because ideas about how these interventions work fall outside the norm. As a result, our emotional turmoil continues. Those alive today are the most in-debt, medicated, addicted and victimized generations we’ve seen in history.

Yet there is hope. We are starting to understand that if we want to thrive as a society, we must think differently about human potential. People who want to be part of the solution are actively seeking new, alternative and innovative approaches so they can live more healthy, vibrant and happy lives.

We believe it is time to look more honestly at ourselves, at what we need in order to heal, and at how our world could be different if we lived from a place of meaning, potential and love.

Our vision supports our hope and desires for the generations to come:

Every person lives a deeply meaningful life of happiness, success and purpose energized by a sense of inner wholeness, possibility and love. This makes the world a better place.

And our mission keeps us focused:

Awakening Works is a visionary coaching and energy healing practice that provides education, innovative techniques and guidance for those individuals and organizations that are ready to awaken to their full potential.

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