At Awakening Works, we believe that everyone is born with unbridled creativity, unlimited potential and the intrinsic motivation to achieve anything they desire. Whether you want to enjoy more abundance, realize greater happiness, build stronger relationships, maintain a healthier lifestyle or deepen your spirituality, we can introduce you to the principles that will allow you to awaken to the excellence and wholeness that have always existed within.

Each workshop is a blend of practical instruction and hands-on application, because we understand that learning starts with knowledge but is accelerated by experience. The goal of the workshops is to provide the self-knowledge, tools and resources so individuals can reconnect to their talents, confidence and wisdom. Then they can move into action by hearing the whispers of their own soul.

Currently, we offer this keynote workshop:

To see a calendar of upcoming workshops, check out those posted to the right.  Also, please email us to inquire to about sponsored or corporate workshops.